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Product Photo Availability Sku Number State Status
t2 In Stock 17 WA standing
alder 2 Sold Out Alder 5 800 bd/ft Wa stored log This tree blew down in a storm on the shore of Bellingham Bay.
bow hill alder 1 10:18:11 Alder 8 Wa standing This property owner would like to thin this 1 acre plus property to encourage the growth of underlying conifers. There's a mix of veneer quality to firewood.
oriental alder 10:18:11 Alder 10 200 Bd/ft Wa standing Two fairly straight, pretty clear urban Alders. Thinning required. !4" dbh
alders keyst Alder 18 Wa other Domestic Alders are getting old at residential site.
In Stock Alder, cottonwood 13 ? WA standing These are second growth or later trees that we'd like cut down as they're in the way of building our home. If they could be lumber, we might bid to buy the lumber back.
24thbirch1rotate In Stock Birch 11 200 Wa standing these two birches got old and started dropping branches
P1030518 Black Walnut 21 Walnut Wa standing These 2 Walnuts are starting to scare people and are damaging the property. Owner wants them gone.
lisa lane1 Cedar 15 1000 bd/ft Wa standing These two large Cedars are rooted on sandstone too close to people
cherry2 some sold/approx 40 bd/ft available Cherry 6 80 bd/ft Wa other These little cherries were growing into some wires and cracking the driveway.
corkscrew willow In Stock corkscrew willow 12 WA standing It's in our front yard next to the paved street, directly under the power lines and PUD requests it be removed or cut back significantly. It has some fungus that affects the leaves causing leaf loss, common to this species in the wet NW. Has been pruned by certified arborist over past several years. Has not been treated for fungus.
willows 1 In Stock Curly Willow 20 corkscrew willow WA other Two curly willows, approximately ten years old, want to remove to plant different species. No power lines, easy access, on street.
whatcom fir Douglas fir 7 1840 Wa standing This urban fir has gotten too big for it's location, it's looming over power lines and houses. The first 10 feet are free of limbs.
baker st fir In Stock Douglas Fir 14 Wa standing These hazard tree are threatening people, houses and cars.
lisa ln2 In Stock Douglas Fir 16 800 Wa standing Two worrisome Firs growing in sandstone near homes.
denisfir3 In Stock Fir 26 cowgill fir Wa standing This Fir is leaning and pulling up roots.If it falls it will cross Cowgill, It appears to be growing on the property line with the city right-of-way. The home owner is seeking advice from the city concerning removal.
madrone2  6:5:12 In Stock Madrone 19 madrone Wa other This aging Madrone has 1 dead and 1 dying limb hanging over the road. Yield can be determined after felling.
tree In Stock Maple 23 wa standing this tree is shading much of our roof and causing moss buildup and is unfortunately in the way of a new septic drain field that we have to put in.
_Figured Maple_ Western Maple (figured) 4 400 Wa stored log Sad story! This old maple was dropping limbs on a house. While it would have been easy to bring the saw log down whole, the arborist reduced it to firewood lengths! New branch will be quarter sawing the shorts in a variety of thicknesses. Have a need? Let us know!

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Contact: Pete Nygren - 921 Donovan Ave - Bellingham, WA  98225 - (360) 733-9276