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Ordering process

This is not always a typical “Go to the shelf, get the can” ordering process.

Because our inventory can range from trees on the stump to finished lumber products and can be found nationwide, we invite you to first view our current inventory and either request product from existing supplies or place an open order to be filled when product becomes available.

By preselling and custom processing lumber products we hope to utilize trees that may otherwise go to waste.

If we cannot complete your order in a timely manner we will help fill your order through other sustainable sources.

Pricing will vary with the market, your finished specifications and quality. While we may offer a price range, please understand that price is a variable that needs to be negotiated prior to finalizing a transaction. You know and love wood. Please start this process by offering a price that closely reflects the current market. Feel free to utilize the links provided for research or give us a call to discuss your needs.

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Product Photo Availability Species Sku Number Approximate Yield (bd/ft) State Status Tree History
Picture 035 In Stock cedar 25 cedar ? WA standing I am estimating that this tree is 150 to 200 years old. It stand next to my home. Last week all the needles turned brown. To my best knowledge it has what is called port orchard disease. This effects the roots and cuts off the water supply. As far as I know the wood is fine.
image In Stock Oak (red?) 24 oak Wa standing
sehome elm 2 Red Elm 3 1000 bd/ft Wa other What a beauty! This old elm was threatening homes,cars,and people. She had to go. Solid to the heart, should yield some great stock.
burlymaple In Stock Red Maple 27 Burly Red Maple other This burly tree died of old age. incredible figure and burl
100_0946silver fir 2 Silver Fir 2 1200 Wa windfall This large tree was growing in a watershed, wind took it out last winter. Down on the root ball. Could make some nice paneling.
100_0920 Western Maple 1 700 Wa standing This beauty is dropping limbs on the house. It's about maxed out in this forest. Needs to go.
Looks like two trees grown together many years ago, could be flaws in the heart. As big as it is should still yield plenty of good wood from trunk, 15', and substantial limbs.
whitebirch1 In Stock white birch 28 birch Washington standing
20140917_120456 In Stock White Oak? white oak? WA standing Tree was dead when I bought the house in June. Still standing, need removed.

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Contact: Pete Nygren - 921 Donovan Ave - Bellingham, WA  98225 - (360) 733-9276