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Meet the founder


My first significant injury came when my dad let his five year old son take a shot at using a handsaw. (It's OK dad!) The scar across my thumb, and all the others that followed, track my history of learning how not to use the many tools I’ve encountered in the process of honing my skills as a wood worker.

As with many addicts, those mishaps have not dampened my enthusiasm for turning trees into something more. Over the last 20 years my methods have been affected by three significant characteristics:

I’m a tightwad, a stubborn part-Norwegian, and I'm growing more concerned about our planet’s health. Being too cheap to buy wood, too stubborn to let someone else do things for me, and concerned about the source of my wood resulted ultimately in my purchasing a saw for milling salvage trees, and building furniture and a house from the product. While at times a labor of love (How many times have I moved that wood pile?) I’ve learned a thing or two I’d like to share with you. With this venture I hope to develop a network of like-minded folks doing the right thing with the right trees while buying the babies new shoes. Please peruse my mini-portfolio and let me know how you may fit in to this new network!

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Contact: Pete Nygren - 921 Donovan Ave - Bellingham, WA  98225 - (360) 733-9276