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Message to Mill Owners


You can get paid top dollar for your product with no selling, while doing the environment a favor.

We secure the log source, you do business as usual: all we bring you is a bonus.

You can gain a reputation for contributing to your community and the environment.

You can get the latest scoop on trends and technologies in your business.

You can get advice and ideas from others in the business.

Before you read more about our program for you, please take a moment to read Meet the founder.” I believe you will see that he has some relevant history and is not just blowing smoke!

How many times have you been frustrated by the waste of a perfectly good tree? How often do you have trouble finding a market for your product? If you have answered “never” to both these questions, congratulations!

I think we can still help you. We are entering into agreements with folks all over the country who have occasional “problem” trees due to natural causes or a hazardous situation, and with developers who want to do the right thing when clearing is necessary.

Our marketing effort is toward pre-selling finished product to end users at premium prices. That way when that 1,000 bd ft maple crashes on the golf course it’s worth your while to retrieve and process it.

When nearby tree owners contact us with information about their tree(s), we will let you know. You will then contact the supplier and arrange to deal with them. If a tree is not saw quality, arrangements can be made by you or we can forward the information to other member tree service professionals or firewood services.

If we have a standing order for custom milling of that type of wood, we will let you know. If not, you can mill it appropriately or store it “in the round.”

When we have a buyer for that lumber, we secure a deposit and provide you with the order specifics. When you have the product ready to ship we take deposit on the balance of the funds. After the buyer receives and approves his order we release the funds to you and any other processors involved. We retain a 5% commission.

Our ideal operator has the ability to drop trees and haul small quantities of logs, a mill appropriate to fill the order, drying equipment, a four-surface planer and other tools for making finished product.

We realize that’s asking a lot so we will help make connections with other services when necessary. Hopefully you will become so successful with our help that you can acquire all the equipment you need to do the whole job, take the occasional much needed vacation, and live happily ever after.

We offer even more help for you to improve your business. Through our website you can participate in forums on any subject you need, learn new methods and processes, submit and read articles—all at no charge to you, our member operator. And if you need any equipment: a new trailer, sawmill, tools, parts, etc, odds are you can find it here, too, along with reviews of the product and instruction on its use.

While situations will vary, the end result will be to utilize the tree(s) for highest and best use while you profit. I hope that your operation is already successful and our services are a bonus!

Curious? Interested? Contact us here.


Your input is critical to our success. Please share any concerns you may have, ask any questions, and share your thoughts here.


Contact: Pete Nygren - 921 Donovan Ave - Bellingham, WA  98225 - (360) 733-9276