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Message to Tree Providers


If a tree falls in your forest……..we're listening!

If you are charged with the stewardship of any property that sometimes loses trees, we'd like to help you do the right thing with them.

There is a growing awareness throughout the world of the importance of protecting our forests and ecosystems. Mankind has made progress in many ways to lessen our impact on the planet: reducing, reusing and recycling. Our program offers one more contribution to those efforts. Far too often valuable trees are turned into firewood or otherwise wasted for numerous reasons.

Maybe you work in a Parks Department, at a utility company, a golf course, a disaster relief agency or a road department. Maybe you are an arborist, a developer, builder, property manager, farmer or homeowner.

We need your trees, your problem trees, the ones that fall or must come down. We want to make sure that they do not go to waste. So we are building a network specializing in retrieval, processing, and marketing the finished product from your salvage trees, the ones you are probably now paying someone to remove.

Here’s how our system works…..

You will contact us with information about the tree(s): size, species, location, condition. Preferably that information is supplied with a digital photograph taken from the nearest point of access. That information goes into our inventory database and is forwarded to our nearest member sawmill operator, who then contacts you and arranges to take care of your problem.

If the tree is not of saw quality other arrangements can be made to help with removal by member tree service professionals, or firewood services.

The key to success in the program is that we receive trees at little or no cost, justifying the effort needed to complete the process. While you may be paying for tree removal now, we will remove your saw quality logs at no cost. If a tree has significant value, compensation can be negotiated. Also, if you have construction projects that can make use of it, you will have the opportunity to buy your wood back at a favorable price.

Hopefully we will be providing you with a valuable, mutually beneficial service, and as a bonus you will gain recognition on our website and elsewhere as an earth-wise donor.


Your input is critical to our success. Please share any concerns you may have, ask any questions, and share your thoughts here.


Contact: Pete Nygren - 921 Donovan Ave - Bellingham, WA  98225 - (360) 733-9276